Announcing the October Edition of the Digital Diary Magazine

The only magazine devoted to delivering information to C-Suite Digital Transformers is back. The 2nd edition of the Digital Diary Magazine is finally here!

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We are thrilled to announce the release of the 2nd edition of the Digital Diary Magazine, a direct result of the efforts of our Research and Content team that shares in-depth stories, tips, interviews and case studies of today’s most creative and innovative digital business transformation strategies and technologies.


In today’s crowded digital landscape, the Digital Diary Magazine hopes to provide you with a quarterly digest of the latest digital business transformation strategies and technologies that are affecting every industry from Marketing to Cybersecurity. Based on content collected from our Membership, Advisory Board, Thought Leaders, Speakers, and Sponsors, this Magazine has all you need to know in one, cohesive place.

The October edition of the Digital Diary magazine looks into the future of healthcare to how the decisions made by CMOs are impacting marketing going into 2019. With your download of this edition, you will receive two free E-Books written by our Content experts!

Discover all of the most pressing issues in the industry in our leading digital magazine and on the #1 online resource for C-Suite Digital Transformers. Subscribe today to Digital Diary to receive the most current and up-to-date blogs right into your inbox!

Top articles and interviews from the 2nd edition include:

  • Keeping your Patient at the Center with i2i Population Health
  • “The only that counts is the content that works” with Percolate
  • How CMOs Can Improve Company Culture
  • Rethinking Business, Branding, and Life with Jim Stengel
  • Saying Hello to GDPR
  • How is TeleHealth Improving the Hospital Revenue Cycle?
  • Planning Effective Video Campaigns Across Screens with Facebook

Download the October edition of the Digital Diary here >>

Happy reading!

About The Digital Diary Team:

Freya Smale is Vice President of Marketing, Product and Client Services at The Millennium Alliance, Editor-In-Chief at Digital Diary, contributor for Forbes, Business2Community, and Marketer in New York. Freya writes mostly about digital marketing transformation, and the industries looking to the latest digital technology to transform in 2017. You can find her online @FSmale tweeting about #marketing #leadership #digitaltransformation and the occasional shoutout to the Welsh rugby team. Or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Catherine Hand is the Marketing Coordinator at The Millennium Alliance and Editor of Digital Diary. A recent graduate of Siena College in Albany and New York newbie, Cat assists and leads the creation of Millennium content such as the implementation of social media, brochures, the event agendas, brochures, E-Books, and frequently writes blogs on Digital Diary. You can connect with her on LinkedIn

Jenny Schecher is a Client Services Director & Social Media Manager at The Millennium Alliance. Jenny is an avid contributor to our blog, Digital Diary, as well as all social media platforms. When she is not writing about digital transformation and technology, she is working with her team to make visions come to life at our events. (and eating all of NYC’s best food.) Follow her on Instagram: @jennyschecs or find her on LinkedIn!

Cara Bernstein is Manager, Executive Education Partnerships at The Millennium Alliance. She works with Thought Leaders at the Millennium Alliance assemblies and is also a contributor to Digital Diary. Cara writes about different industries preparing for the digital revolution. You can catch Cara on LinkedIn and on twitter @CaraBernstein

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